Catharina Zühlke competes in the UMK with her song ”Eternity”

Catharina Zühlke competes in the UMK with her song ”Eternity”

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Yle / Mona Salminen

Catharina Zühlke – Eternity
Released Friday 31 January

Catharina Zühlke, who came second in the Contest for New Music UMK in 2017, is an experienced artist: she has loved performing since she was a little girl and has worked as a professional musician for many years. In 2013, she came fifth in the Finnish Idols contest. Catharina Zühlke is known as a performer of melodious and empowering pop music.

She has German roots, but grew up in Vantaa listening to Aretha FranklinWhitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

– I have always admired female artists with a powerful voice and this has greatly influenced my own singing style.

Eternity, the song performed by Catharina Zühlke, tells about the power of love.

– When this song was born, all the pieces just fell into place. I got a strong feeling that this song has a greater meaning, Zühlke explains.

In addition to singing, Zühlke also likes dancing and spending time with her friends.

A touching story, a dynamic song and a great interpretation by Catharina all make this a potential world-beater at the Eurovision Song Contest. Henrik Tala, the Finn behind the successful Norwegian entry in the 2019 contest, has again shown that he is a world-class writer and producer of pop music”, the UMK jury of professionals comments.

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